Cosmetic Display Tray  (Wall Unit)

The design of cosmetic display tray is very differential to brands and customized to location. Fortunately, making them is our core competency. With knowledge about concept of cosmetic display, we hope that we can satisfy you. Ordering from us, you will reduce time and missing that are usually happened with such unrepeated project.


The shown photo and items are just for your references, since the design is very customized.

 Please visit the product’s sub-category. We welcome your customized order.

Product’s Category

  1. Wall-unit Auto-refilling Modular Tray 01TTT-W1
  2. Wall-unit Lipstick Hanging Tray 01TTT-W2
  3. Wall-unit Lips & Eyes Tray 01TTT-W3
  4. Wall-unit Layer Display Tray 01TTT-W4

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