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Founder Letter’s 

To our respectable client

As in DPP Acrylic Fabrication’s motto “Yours reliable partners, your satisfaction”, our job is not only to offer a physical product, but also a reliable product that is reasonable price, durable use, reliable quality and trustable post-purchase services.  To assure that clients always earn higher value than paid cost from purchasing DPP’s acrylic products is our continuous effort and commitment. In the future, we will be continuously searching for new value, develop new products and upgrade new service for clients to be always your reliable partners, to make you stronger in a present competitive world.

With the well-equipped facilities and sophisticated machineries of 1.500m2 of factory in an expandable construction of 7.000m2 of land, with a customer service center of 500m2 and a logistics center of 700m2, we can match your demand on the urgent order with big volume and strict quality control. Moreover, DPP Acrylic Fabrication is now driven by a full energy team whose members are young, enthusiastic, creative, responsible, well-trained and high desire for achievement, we will transfer our fuels, creativity and commitment to contribute to your success, as “your reliable partner, your satisfaction”.

At the end of this letter, we would like to say thank-you to our partners and clients have been supported us from the beginning to the present day, and, hope to continuously contribute to your growth in the future. Through this letter, we also wish to have opportunity to co-operate with new clients, to build up new partnership. Your success is our proud.



Lam To Linh

 About Us 


DPP Acrylic Fabrication Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in fabricating of display products from acrylic sheet (PMMA Sheet, Plexiglass or Perspex) since 1990. Focusing on long term relationship, our goal is to be “your reliable partners, your satisfaction”. To support the success of clients, we have been continuously working for solution that combines high quality and competitive price together. As a compensation to our yearly effort, together with the advanced machines as well as the well-organized worksite, we build up our effective management system which efficiently controls productivity, cost, waste and defection. As a result, we could lower cost for clients but still maintain standardized quality.

As a fabricator, our product range a very large from general design to customization, from advertising usage to industrial application, from interior décor to giftware, from general to premium class. However, all of them turn around our exclusive core: Acrylic fabrication technique. We dedicate to acrylic material, to fabrication technique and to our client. We know it, we love it, we live with it, and we know how to make it be friend of you.

We offer a variety of products from acrylic and plastic fabrication, these include: display items such as 5-side box, stand & raiser, showcase, display box, hotspot display…in a large range of fields such as cosmetic, nails, jewelry, watch, eyeglasses, fashion, digital & electronic product, beverage, vapor, toys, sports, tobacco, food & candy, pharmacy product, bakery…

We are also a reliable manufacturer in terms of general acrylic POSM products in terms of quality and quantity such as brochure holder, menu stand, price tag, tent card holder, poster frame with various designs from table top, wall mounted, rotatory, floor stand to hanging.

As signage industry is our starting point, we now continuously produce acrylic letter, supper slim lightbox, engraved LED board, aluminum frame lightbox.

Besides these, we are also manufacturing general products such as donation box, tissue box, desk organizer, business card holder, calendar holder, photo frame, book easel & stand, magazine stand, cosmetic organizer, serving tray & covered pastry, pet cage, tableware & kitchenware, paper dispenser, giftware, trophy, decoration item, table & chairs, podium & lecture stand, aquarium & water tank. Of course, all of them is made from acrylic.

In industrial application, we also have experience in manufacturing machine cover, cold storage, clean room accessories, convex mirror and helicopter window. Once again, they are made from acrylic.

As doing a job of fabricator to make customized product as client’s specification, when you have any special requirement, please feel free to contact us for a quote or technical discussion via e-mail marketing@dppacrylic.vn or by call +84-817562.180 or WhatsApp…. Our staffs will respond to you within 24 hours from receiving.



 Milestone 1990-2017




Quality Policy

  1. Quality product comes from quality control processes from materials sourcing, stocking, producing, packaging and forwarding to end users.
  2. Quality products comes from quality of life of all staffs.
  3. Non-use of under-standardized materials (our machines and equipment are not suitable for fabricate under-standardized materials), materials matching quotation, fabrication matching promise, delivery matching timeline.



  1. Popularizing the application of acrylic products in fields of display industry, home appliance and industrial parts.
  2. Researching & developing new techniques and application for acrylic materials
  3. Searching & adding new values for clients
  4. Sustainable growth in line with environmental friendly and social responsibility