Date of Disclosure: April 14, 2020

Manufacture: DPP Acrylic Fabrication Co., LTD

Material: PMMA, super transparency, light transmittance rate 92%, solid surface, thickness 1.2mm, weight 92g.

Screen dimension: 200mm x 210mm x 95mm

Belt size: Diameter 250mm

Scope of cover: Face

Vertical: From front to chin

Horizontal: From ear to ear



+ Having protective film on the backside, it is kept during production processes for hygiene reason. When using, clients will remove it by themselves. Please do not tear it off if you are not ready to use.

+ Thickness is 1.2mm, so it can prevent fluid splashing or dust.

+ Super transparency: Due to the transmitting rate is over 92%, the users can see objectives via the shields clearly, wearing while working comfortably.

+ The elastic band is comfort fit to head and adjustable by size.

+ It can be cleaned by soap, handwash, hand sanitizer without causing blur and disfunction of acrylic surface.

+ It does not contain materials cause flammability.

SGS Test Result (2016) for acrylic materials

Viet Nam: +84.982718871

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