Our design job focuses on technical design, customization to client’s demand, bringing 3D design into technical drawing. In designing, we do concern not only to catch with client’s demand but also to save cost for client when still maintain quality.

Visual Decoration

We have 4 type of decorative options for client: Silk-screen printing, inkjet printing, color spraying and matt sanding. The selection of option is depending upon design and client’s customization in considering to maintain quality and saving cost.


With precocious machine and skills, our technique is to cut material with exactly provided dimension, we are proud of dimension control with extremely low tolerance: +/- 0.3mm.

Depending on design, we may apply individually or together 3 types of cutting technique: sawing, routing and lazer cutting.

Surface fabrication: Depending on design, we may apply milling, drilling, routing or engraving.


Depend on design, making degree, round or straight edge with 3 types of polishing: Diamond polishing, flame polishing and buffer polishing. For edges, we always make it un-sharp.


Depending on design, we apply either UV curing or solvent welding. With solvent welding, we have owned formulas for adjusting solvent components to reach 3 levels: transparent, solid and anti-leaking.


With controlling of stable temperature, we can provide excellent bended line without bubble and uneven R. Our bending machine can bend acrylic with thickness from 1mm to 30mm with exact R.

Heating forming:

We have 3 techniques to form acrylic sheet by heat: Pressing, blowing and vacuuming. Depending on design of product and client demand on the finished face, individual technique will be applied.

Together with heat forming, we also have technique to make forming mold from simple to complicated.



After assembling, product’s surface will be coated with electrostatic remover for limiting dust attached and finger-print caused by electrostatic.


We have two standards of packaging:

  1. Basic packaging: Each product is covered by PE bag, then by soft foam and finally by 3-layers cardboard box.
  2. Advance packaging: Each product is covered by bubble plastic bag, then by soft foam and finally by 5-layer cardboard box.

Labelling & Stamping

After packaging, each cardboard box will be label with warning mark and trade mark (provide by client).